profeeDASH - umati Dash

profeeDASH is a umati dashboard.

Your simple and direct view on problem cases in production. 

profeeDASH is clearly and simply designed and does the main job for you as managing director, production manager or service employee. 

It shows you if and how your critical production machines are running, no matter what time of day. 

It does not overload you with the multitude of machines, but focuses clearly on your problem cases and visualizes your production target, with stable connection almost in real time. 

You get first-hand information immediately, regardless of where you are.

Install the app from the Google Play Store and immediately get a new insight into their production. The globally standardized information of the OPC UA Standard Companion Specifications MachineTool (OPC 40501-1) represents the 'language' of your machine. The profeeDASH app as a mini PDC handles this language and connects to compatible machine controllers or to the profeeBASE system for older machines.

Just define 5 critical machines by specifying the OPC link, e.g. opc.tcp://machine1:4840 and start your Mini PDA. Alternatively, add the machine name for servers with multiple machines, e.g. opc.tcp://server/M123:4840. For a secure external profeeDASH connection, we recommend setting up a VPN on your mobile. 

Set targets for your critical machine availability and stay in control.

Use the professional feedback of the profeeDASH app.

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