The profeeba GmbH supports you in terms of content and expertise with the certification on the topic of research allowance and the corresponding annual project applications. 

We support you in the identification of projects and in the preparation of the annual project applications. 

The consulting takes place in close cooperation with Innomagic Deutschland GmbH, Munich. 

Innomagic already has several years of experience with the research bonus in Austria and is now successfully applying this know-how in Germany.

Here we are presenting some facts in our serie #fzfact about german Forschungszulage.

#fzfact 1:
Due to the fact that #funding is part of german company income, you need to pay #tax for this at the end of the financial year. 

The Forschungszulage is not part of your income, just cash back.

#fzfact 2:
The success rate of Forschungszulage is actually 80%.
The success rate of H2020 was 12.1 % (March 2020).
(Source: FFG report, page 11) 

#fzfact 3:
All branches, all topics.
It takes a while to understand, so:
ALL branches, ALL topics.
Where do you find that already ? 

#fzfact 4:
10 requests Saarland
16 requests Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
17 requests Brandenburg
17 requests Bremen
461 requests Nordrhein-Westfalen
502 requests Baden-Württemberg
593 requests Bayern
(Reported Juli 21)

Do you need support ?  

#fzfact 5:
Legal regulation = planning consitency for years
Reduce your financial risc for #researchanddevelopment 

#fzfact 6:
MINUS 6,3 % FuE investments in Germany (2020 vs. 2019) !
But still Forschungszulage not applied for ? Get in contact  

#fzfact 7:
ONE DIN A4 pages.
     This is the hourly documentation per employee and year.
     Totals and signature on page 2. 


#fzfact 8:
Since 2020, so apply now for your 2020 and 2021 projects.

#fzfact 9:
97% of german companies paid their own research in 2020. 

#fzfact 10:

MINUS 49% german innovation in the past 15 years (2004-2019).

Improve this quote by German Forschungszulage even for 2020.

Source: KfW-Innovationsbericht-Mittelstand-2020.pdf

#fzfact 11:

Funding with top confidentiality.
Extra money for internal ideas by German Forschungszulage.

#fzfact 12:

60 € for your developer per hour and 15 € tax back. 

Every hour.

Sometimes dealing with figures only helps to understand.

#fzfact 13:

65% of all employees in Research and Development work in german economy.

Figures for Baden-Württemberg are 78%, for Bremen 38% and for Saxony 45%.

Hire new talents and apply for 25% Forschungszulage.

There is a simple reason why some federal states are more innovative.

#fzfact 14:
     80% of german industry are afraid of increasing energy costs.
     The german Forschungszulage still is a constant scheme lowering this risc.
     (Source VDMA 2022)

#fzfact 15:

Jan - Jun 21 = 1740 requests / 182 days = 9,5 requests per day
Sep 20 - 04.1.21 = 677 requests / 124 day = 5,5 requests per day 

Forschungszulage is getting more attention
source: Bundesregierung Drucksache 19/31672 (21.07.2021)

#fzfact 16:
    Smart Stella Vita Solar Bus, why not developed in Germany with financial support Forschungszulage , are we not green enough ? 

#fzfact 17:
 511 Million Forschungszulage planned in 2022 for your ideas
(Source Innomagic GmbH) 

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All taxable companies with R&D work in Germany

We are sure of what we do, so our consulting is 100% success-based and fee-based. Only in the case that your company receives the Forschungszulage, the percentage fee is due. Your company gives something away, but does not make any advance payments itself.

Documents are submitted to the tax office and the certification office for the last fiscal year.

Research and experimental development are part of the Forschungszulage. 25% of the personnel costs are the most important grant item. Contract research is also eligible for a 15% grant.

Cooperation with the respective tax consultant is desired and important. We see joint success only through close cooperation with tax consulting firms. We are specialized in Forschungszulage and do not provide legal and tax advice according to § 4 No. 5 StBerG. We also support your tax consulting firm with questions about the procedure and about details of the submission process. The consulting is designed as content-related technical consulting, where tax consultants need support. In particular, the support to obtain a certificate, whether R&D project under the FZulG has a chance to receive funding.

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